A little bit about me

My path to web development has been a non-traditional journey. Roughly five years ago, I received my college degree in anthropology and soon after decided I wanted to head down the PhD path to become a clinical or counseling psychologist. Therefore, I enrolled in a Master's program. However, I was still unsure of the research I wanted to conduct given my goal of clinical work down the road.

Interested in emerging technologies like AI, automation, and blockchains, I spent a lot of time at hackathons, coding competitions, and design workshops. My research began to take shape, focusing on the negative psychological side-effects of technology; I studied various social media companies and the addictive psychological tactics they use to keep users on their platforms, the societal impacts of job automation, the need for more technical and complex work skills, etc.

At the same time, I began to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and eventually Javascript. I didn't want to just research the Black Mirror-esque technologies and apps that were emerging around the world. I wanted to help build alternatives to the business model of surveillance capitalism that continues as a dominant force. I wanted to build privacy-centric and peer-to-peer solutions for digital communication and organization.

Since graduating from my psychology program, I've worked as a web developer and design consultant with freelancers, startups, small to large organizations, as well as entreprise companies. I may still pursue a clinical degree someday, but for now I love the work I do and the freedom it provides me. My current mission is to contribute to the decentralized web, building ethical technologies for the world.